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Thanks to Envisio, our day-to-day activities are now aligned with council’s strategic priorities and we have the ability to measure and report back on outcomes that highlight our City's shared successes.

Sharon Herbus

Director Of Strategy, City Of Lloydminster

6 Tips To Inspire Strategic Thinking

Talk is cheap, real strategy is no walk in the park. Although you may have heard the saying, ‘work smarter, not harder’ we tend to disagree. You should be working smarter and harder to attain a great, usable, resilient strategy that will keep your organization on the path to success for years to come. But, how do you know what the future will bring, and how do you prepare for it?

Here are 6 tips to inspire strategic thinking:

Simplify The Development Of Your Strategic Plan

Developing and implementing a strategic plan for your municipality is no easy feat. Strategic planning should be a process that provides for the following:

9 Questions Every Leader Should Ask When Developing Strategy