5 Key Steps For Successful Strategy Execution

Having a great strategy, industry breakthrough or game-changing product can catapult your organization to the mainsteam market, but only solid execution can keep you there. Can you deliver your intent? Most companies can dream big and create a vision, but cannot execute. Robert Kaplan and David P Norton recently reported in the Harvard Business Review that 95% of employees are unaware of -- or do not understand -- the strategy for their organization.

5 Strategic Planning Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them

Despite the best of intentions, strategic planning sessions have a tendency to end in heartache. According to Greg Bustin at Bustin & Co. “...depending on which study you follow, the statistics range from a dismal 3 percent of companies who say they are successful at executing their strategies to about one out of every three organizations that integrates its plans into its daily operations with high effectiveness.”

Top 5 Priorities for Successful Strategy Execution

Effective strategic planning is essential in order for your organization to achieve its top-level goals and objectives. Having a well planned and executed strategy means that even when unforeseeable circumstances arise, you and your team are able to adapt and modify operations to keep on track with your end goals. 

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