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Thanks to Envisio, our day-to-day activities are now aligned with council’s strategic priorities and we have the ability to measure and report back on outcomes that highlight our City's shared successes.

Sharon Herbus

Director Of Strategy, City Of Lloydminster

Envisio makes the Ready to Rocket List for 2017

Envisio is thrilled and honored to be recognized for a second time by Rocket Builders, in their 2017 Ready to Rocket list of top private British Columbia companies positioned to capitalize on growth in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector. 

Open Data Technologies You Should Know About


The movement towards open data first began in the US and the UK, and is now expanding rapidly to cities and communities all over the world.  The success of these new practices has sparked the development of new technologies and programs in support of openness and transparency that are now being implemented by many different organizations, industries, and even governments. These technologies were designed to make the publication of data on the internet quick and easy, and accessible by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

5 Benefits of Open Government Data

Over the past decade, there has been a considerable trend towards greater openness and transparency with meaningful information concerning the public. From open source, to open content to open access, the public is steadily gaining a broader and more in-depth look at the underpinnings of society, and decision-making is gradually becoming more decentralized. The availability of data has previously been limited to executives and data specialists, whereas for everyone else, exposure to these sources is often delayed, intermittent, or simply unavailable.