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Thanks to Envisio, our day-to-day activities are now aligned with council’s strategic priorities and we have the ability to measure and report back on outcomes that highlight our City's shared successes.

Sharon Herbus

Director Of Strategy, City Of Lloydminster

Simplifying the Language of Strategic Planning

If you have participated in more than one strategic planning session, you’ve probably noticed that the language used in strategic planning is varied and confusing. One person’s ‘Goal’ is another’s ‘Priority’. Discussions prevail over whether to call it a ‘Strategy’ or an ‘Objective’ and ‘Mission’ is often confused with ‘Vision’.

The TED Commandments: Aiding Local Government Reporting to Council

We’ve all spent time online watching TED Talks while the world’s greatest innovators, leaders and dreamers give impassioned talks on their field of expertise. For those that don’t know, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and it highlights inspiring presentations organized by skilled orators.

5 Most Common Municipal Strategic Priorities


Determining strategic priorities is no easy feat. Your strategic priorities must align with and fulfill your city’s unique vision, mission and values. Whether created through community consultation or the result of council collaboration, we see a common thread through many local government top-level planning priorities.