How to Solve Local Government Challenges with a Strategic Plan

Local governments face many challenges on a regular basis, and each of these challenges has the potential to pose a threat to a municipality on their road to progress. With a strategic plan in place, local governments are able to tackle these issues head-on and get on the path to high-performance and provide the best possible service for their citizens.

10 Ways To Increase Collaboration At Your Organization

Collaboration is the latest buzzword in businesses and local governments around the world. Working in silos can slow down or significantly hinder an organization's progress towards their strategic plan. When a team is able to effectively share resources and work together to achieve their goals, the rate of progress is excelerated, and the likelihood of accomplishing their overall objectives is substantially increased. 

10 Reasons Strategic Planning Lives Beyond Spreadsheets

If you’re still using spreadsheets to track performance on your strategic plan, you’re not alone. With
over 750 million users worldwide, spreadsheets have been the go-to business reporting and analysis software since 1985. While static spreadsheets still have their uses, they fall short on providing a complete reporting and business intelligence solution.

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